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Floor Sanding Gallery

Here are a selection of images showcasing some of the work Floor Sanding Partners have completed. There are a few before and after photos which show the level of work undertaken and the care and quality we put into each and every job completed by Floor Sanding Partners Ltd.

Before and after beautiful pine flooring
renovating painted white floors
Removal of Coir matting fitting solid oa
Repair sand and finish using Bona Mega L
Supply and Fit reclaimed pine boards
Transforming your existing flooring
Before and after Walnut stain
Pine Floor Before

Removing old parquet flooring

Pine Floor After

Sanded, Stained, Gap filled and varnished

Pine Floor Before

Sanded and gap filled using wood slivers

Pine Floor After

Sanded and Finished using Junckers Strong Plus varnish

Oak Floor Before

Sanded ready for Oil finish

Oak Floor After

Sanded and Oiled

Parquet Flooring Before

Carpet removed

Parquet Floor After

Sanded and finished using Bona Traffic

Parquet hallway refreshing

sanding back the top layer to reveal a beautiful lighter finish

Old paint removal

Stripping back old layers of paint revealing a beautiful newly sanded floor

Hallway restored

Boards taken up & refitted and application of reclaimed boards, sanded ready for staining and finishing

Oak Parquet flooring restored

Carpets removed, sanded and finished with Bona Mega Lacquer

Wet room before and after

reclaimed boards installed and staggered in place of old shower tray

Steps Before and After

sanding and scraping using precision hand tools

Peach Pine Floor Before


Peach Pine After

Sanded and ready for varnish

Oak Floor Before

Sanded and finished by a builder

Oak Floor After

Sanded Stained and finished by Floor Sanding Partners

Pine Staircase Before

During the Sanding process

Pine Staircase After

Fully Sanded and ready to finish

Pine  Floor Before

Pine floor never been sanded before

Pine Floor After

Sanded and Finished by Floor Sanded Partners Ltd

Pine Floor Before

Sanding only

Pine Floor After

Sanding Only

Pine Floor Before

DIY Sanded

Pine Floor After

Professionally Sanded

Pine Floor Before

Painted black

Pine Floor After

Sanded and Gap Filled using Wood Slivers, Oil Finished using Osmo Clear Hardwax Oil

Pine floor Before

Never been Sanded before

Pine Floor After

Sanded ready for Oil/Wax finish

Bare sanded pine

Freshly sanded bare pine boards

Sanded, Antique pine stained and lacquer

Sanded, Antique pine stained and satin lacquer finished

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