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Gap filling using wood slivers

Our team will will check the floor prior to fitting the wood slivers. The floor will need to be repaired and made solid where required and if possible. Then we will glue either side of the wood slithers and hammer these in. The excess of the wood slithers will be cut off using a multi-tool then after that the floor is sweeped and vacuumed. Our team will start the sanding processes and may decide to use resin filler for a better finish.

What is used to fill the gaps between the floor boards?

For the best finish Floor Sanding Partners ltd will always use reclaimed wood slivers made from reclaimed pine to fill the gaps between your floorboards. The sizes for wood slivers vary from 2 mm to 8 mm thick.

When can wood slithers be used?

Generally, floors with gaps 2 mm - 8 mm wide are perfect for wood slivers. If the gaps are less then 2 mm wide we recommend Resin, and if the gaps are more then 8 mm wide we will have to look at rearranging some of the boards.

How long will wood slivers stay in the gaps?

We have used wood slivers for over 12 years and we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers/clients. It is a success in the floor sanding industry .

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