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Floor Sanding Partners LTD offer Quick, Professional and Reliable Services including:


Sanding & Sealing


Sanding Staircase


Traditional or Modern Finishes


Colour Changing










Fire Place Removals​​


Joist Repair


Floor Levelling


Floorboard Restoration or Replacement


Gap Filling using Sawdust


Gap Filling using Wood Slivers


Safety is of the utmost importance when completing a job. We use the correct protection and safety equipment when working, such as: ear protection, safety goggles and dust masks. We also take care to operate our machinery and tools correctly whilst being vigilant and aware of our surroundings and other people in the vicinity. When tools and equipment are not being used they are put aside safely and switched off.

Floor Preparation

Here at Floor Sanding Partners, we begin your floor transformation by preparing your floor so that it is ready to be sanded. We will check for any protruding nails and staples and ensure that all of these are removed or punched down level to the floor. Next we check for any loose or uneven floorboards by walking over the floor and making visual checks. Any boards that need our attention are first lifted before securing into place to ensure that we do not interfere with any pipework or electrical wires underneath. We use Tongue Tite screws which are very strong and nearly invisible to the eye due to their small screw head to fix boards into place. 

floor preparation

Fire Hearth Removal

Do you have an unsightly concrete fire hearth that you would like gone? No problem! We can remove this for you. We start by hammering out the existing concrete base. we then supply and fit joists where necessary and then use our reclaimed pine floorboards to stagger fit these to cover the gap and disguise the border.

Fire hearth finished.jpg

The Sanding Process

Judging the level to sand the floor to, is something that we are experts at.

Over-sanding the floor can damage and weaken it or give it an uneven finish.

We use a wide range of quality abrasive sanding belts and discs when sanding your floor, each with a different 'grit', this refers to how harsh the belt or disc is.

Starting by using a harsh 24 grit abrasive to sand all over the floor, this process is then repeated using 60, 80 and 100, then finishing off with a 120 grit fine abrasive to give your floor a nice smooth, even finish.

Langler  Sanding Machine
Festool Sander

Staircase Renovation

Not all floor sanding companies will consider renovation of staircases as they are notoriously hard work! However here at Floor Sanding Partners, staircase renovation is all in a days work for us. We are able to use smaller dust free machinery to sand the treads, but the risers must be done by hand using a small precision hand scraper blade. For this reason you can typically expect some wood shavings and a small amount of dust. This same blade is also used to work on hard to reach areas such as corners.

Staircase sanded and finished

Dust Free Machinery

Unrivalled results from the world’s best Floor Sanding machines. Hummel, Bona, Lagler and Festool lead the way with the very latest dust free technology, each machine utilises a powerful dust extraction system, neatly storing waste in their reusable bags. Using this highly effective machinery allows us to complete your floor renovation in minimal time. Our sanding technicians have years of experience and are professionally trained to use these specific sanding machines, take a look at our certificates on page one.

Lagler upright sanding machine

Gap Filling Methods

3 methods can be used to fill the gaps between floor boards. Method 1 is using Resin and is formed when we mix the dust created from the sanding process with Blanchon Resin, this forms a paste which is hand applied over the entire floor using a spatula. Resin dries very quickly, usually within 20 minutes, once fully dried the excess is then sanded off leaving all the gaps, nail holes, cracks filled with the resin mixture. ​ Method 2 is Wood Slivers as shown in the picture. We use reclaimed pine strips of wood and secure these into the gaps using a strong wood glue. Once dried the tops are chiselled away and then the sanding process will leave your floor with a nice flush, even finish. To give the ultimate even finish we will also apply resin filler in conjunction with the wood slivers. Method 3 is by using Bona Gap Master. This is a durable mastic filler in a range of colours and is advised to use should cracks or gaps appear in your floor over time. This can be bought in tubes from our shop and should be applied neatly to the area using the nozzle provided and then use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess, this must be then left for approximately 12 hours to fully dry before walking on.

Gap filling using wood slivers

Repair or Replace Floor Boards

We can repair or replace any damaged floor boards to give your flooring new life and longevity. We use reclaimed pine floor boards to try to best match your existing flooring.


If you would like your wooden floor to have a different colour or tone then staining is the way to go. There are a variety of choices in terms of wood staining. Our team hand apply our wood stains using rags and will be happy to provide you samples of our range on your newly sanded floor for your approval. Whether you are feeling adventurous or just fancy a change, you are sure to find a floor colour stain to suit you.

choice of beautiful floor colour stains.

Finishing/Sealing Your Floor

Ensuring your floor is sealed after sanding is extremely important to maintain the life span of the floor and prevent leakage and creakiness or movement between boards. We offer 2 options to finish/seal freshly sanded wood: Osmo Polyx - Oil is a premium grade hardwax oil for interior flooring, it provides a tough, durable & water repellent finish that is scratch and scuff resistant. Use of an oil deepens the hue of the natural floor colour and makes the wood grain stand out​. We apply 2 x coats of Osmo Polyx - Oil to finish the floor. A point to consider, oils will take considerably longer to dry/cure than a varnish/lacquer, we recommend allowing up to 12 hours before resuming light foot traffic. ​ Bona Mega Lacquer is ideal for use on wood floors in offices, smaller shops, hotel rooms and similar locations and as a premium choice for homes. Bona Mega offers superior protection against scuffs and spills, it has a high resistance to wear and is non toxic due to being water based. We apply one coat of Bona Classic Primer followed by 2 x coats of Bona Mega Lacquer (your choice of matt, satin or gloss finish). This innovative formulation has a rapid drying time of around 2-3 hours, after which you can walk on your floor with indoor footwear.

Oak engineered flooring sanded and Osmo
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