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Sanding Process

Sanding your floor requires skill and precision. Anyone can hire a sanding machine for use themselves, however, they often underestimate how difficult the process is! Our floor sanders have over a decade of professional experience in the use of these high quality floor sanding machines. Here at Floor Sanding Partners Limited we use a range of different sanding abrasives, again, only the highest quality belts and discs are used. Our team will use their experience to decipher which grades of sanding products to use.


We start by using a harsh 24 grit sanding belt to sand away the floor's existing seal, this will also remove the built up dirt in the top layer of your floor taking this back to bare sanded wood. Then an intermediate sanding grit (less harsh) is used, either 60 and/or 80 grit to start to smooth out the rough surface of the wood. Finally we use 100 and/or 120 grit belts and discs to give your wood floor a really smooth finish.

Floor Sanding Partners Limited never use hired machines, we own and take good care of of our own Hummel (German made) upright sanding machines, Festool UK hand sanding machines and Bona(Swedish) floor buffing machines.

Each of our sanding machines incorporates the latest dust free technology, meaning that the dust is immediately extracted neatly into reusable fabric bags attached to the machines. Many customers state they do not know we have been in their homes due to how tidy the rooms are left after the sanding! No mess, no fuss!

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